Beginner pilot

I am a beginner without any experience

For newcomers without any previous experience with flying on trikes we offer new experience. The flying school can show you a feeling of sitting on the pilot seat in engine powered. Thanks to two-seat tricycle used for training you can see the amazing unprotected view. Fully duplicated controls (like in a car in a driving school) will also allow you to try control the trike in the air. The most accurate comparison to describe the experience with flying with trike is the ride on a motorbike. In a closed car you have also no idea about many feelings you miss in compare with freedom on motorbike. When you enter for example to the forest you feel the smell and coolness of air and similar experience is associated with flying with trike. In one aspect flying is much better. It is a free movement in a 3D space where the feeling of absolute freedom is directly intoxicating. As owner of ULTRALIGHT DESIGN company I am flying over 30 years and I have a large number of flight hours in trikes. Most of people I carried with me confirmed that flight with trike in the open cockpit was intense experience with a beautiful view and a direct touch with the surrounding nature. Our trikes can be easily transported in an folded condition by conventional cars without the need for special trailers. Very interesting is the possibility of transport in a camping car. Having a small plane with you on the road is a wonderful combination. A bird’s eye view is a very intense feeling and your vacation can get a completely different dimension.

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