Ego Trike

Technical specifications:

The idea of trike for ATOS glider came from high-end quality „rigid “ construction of the ATOS wing and coming new 120kg class in Germany. Common trike hanging under a standard “flex” wing must observe exact weight to keep pleasant control forces. Increasing of the weight very often requests wing modification because of strength and geometry requirements. Reinforcements and modifications are not allowing use the wing for free flying again. Technical performance of ATOS gliders bring you great benefits and unbelievably variability of the usage. Just an example – owner of ATOS VX, ATOS VR190, or VQ190 has following options how to fly his glider – he can fly free hanggliding solo, in tandem, or use a motorized harness „E-lift ( electro ) or Mosquito ( gasoline engine ). Another possibility is our light weight EGO trike with empty weight 42-62kg, depends for variant and equipment. As a result of our EGO trike design and construction we would like to reach optical and technology compatibility especially with ATOS gliders. Our solution brings high performance for flying in thermals and recreational flying without necessity of big airport. Pilots´seat is designed as carbon kevlar cockpit with 4 points safety belts, bring very comfortable and safe feeling for long flights also for bigger and heavy pilots (2m and 100kg) Fuel compsuption is around 3,5 liters of fuel, or with electric propulsion systems has flight endurance close 2 hours with travel speed approx. 75 km/h. Wheel track and wheel base are similar to standard „big heavy“ trikes with Rotax 912 engines. These dimensions ensure high safety against overturning. Whole composite construction eliminates fatigue problems known in metal constructions. Composite construction brings you also weight reduction and esthetical and aerodynamic shape purity. Very important is easy and fast dismantling. You can easily transport trike in your passenger family car, or inside the garage of camper car.. EGO TRIKE gives you a possibility to transport your flying machine long distances without a trailer. You can still carry four passengers inside the car incl. trike on the board (you just need separated seats in second row of your car). Positive is also the protection against meteorological influences – you can lock trike inside your car when leaving for longer time. Approx. 15 min. of your time is requested to assemble a complete trike, plus 30 min for glider assembly. You can take-off in less than 60 minutes.

Main trike part is a carbon/kevlar component with integrated rocket rescue parachute system , fuel tank (alternatively battery space) and engine with constantly connected all installations.. Undercarriage legs cases are also attached to the composite seat as well as front wheel fork and a holder of folding main wing beam.

For pilots weighing up to 80kg it is possible to use a complete range of gliders „Atos VQ“ and „Atos VR“. For pilots weighing over 80kg we recommend to use ATOS VR190, VQ190, or VX gliders. All those informations are about ” full soaring” versions standard EGO trikes.

New option from season 2018 is EGO LIGHT especially designed in an electric version for standard ATOS glider owners. Maximal pilot weight till 86,4kg (limit for certification in France ), MTOM around 180kg ( standard ATOS gliders) and also compatible for US microlight part 103 rules. This light trike will be equiped with smaller” single” pack battery, with flight endurance around 1 hour and manual rescue parachute. Is designed specifically for thermal flying as powered harnesses, but with highest safety and comfort thanks own wheels and ergonomical seat. Wings are applicable without any construction or geometry modifications. We only recommend you to use “straight” version control bar for better ergonomy.

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